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Who we are.


Who We Are
We are


An internationally acclaimed manufacturer of innovative, eco-friendly products made to protect you and your family. From car and floor mats, to shelf liners and protectors, to baby, pet, home and automotive wipes, we’ve led the industry with product innovation, improvement and  excellence for over sixty years.

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When we win, you win. Because accolades confirm our product's quality and value. 

Like The German Red Dot Design Award for Design Excellence or The Business Week Bronze Award for Design.  We’ve made multiple appearances in the Graphis Annuals  and a recognition of Tenex excellence is on permanent display at the prestigious Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Art and Design.

Vertical integration is our superpower.

With a combined 85 years of experience, we've built our premiere wipes manufacturing facility from the ground up. It’s a seamless operation that produces everything from fabric to packaging – all under one roof. This allows us to control cost while delivering high quality products at a superior value.

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Efficiency is our special sauce.

Our distribution center is centrally located in the U.S. and it warehouses the products we create in our 170,000 square ft, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Israel. We also offer a direct import program.


All overseas manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 registered. 

Safe for skin
& the environment.

Our wipes are constructed from FSC-certified viscose towelettes, which means their fabrication  (10-99%) contributes to a greener future. Plus, our packaging contains 35% post-consumer recycled material, making our wipes a sustainable and eco-friendly option.


Our proposition


Our Proposition
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Who said value brands

can’t be adorable?



A better wipe.
A fun package.

Consumers love our creatively conceived product and packaging, developed by our award-winning innovation and marketing team. Engaging packaging and an endearing name help to  increase clicks, sales and profits.


Have your own brand? We can also seamlessly incorporate your art into our manufacturing process – all with certified printing, right in house.

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What we offer.
  • Available in fragranced, fragrance-free and sensitive skin varieties

  • We provide a wide range of conditioning agents like Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Calendula, Oat, Honey, Green Tea, Cucumber, Vitamins, Minerals and more that enhance baby skin care.

  • We offer a range of fabric options; smooth or embossed with unique and engaging patterns

  • We specialize in wipes designed for sensitive and newborn skin; our wipes contain extra mild Ingredients plus soothing & moisturizing agents

  • Selection of different moisture levels

  • Wide range of natural/organic/preservative-free products that comply with national standards

GSM Range: 33 - 70

Viscose Content: 5% - 99%

Smooth or Embossed Construction

Packaging options.
(including recycled)



flow pack w/label


flow pack w/lid



Management standards, government regulation adherence, technical audits - our quality control is an exercise in precision.


Put simply, we run a tight ship.

Inventory Checking





Massive results.

Tenex sensitive skin and fragrance-free baby wipes were compared to major leading brands in a blind, multi-cell monadic in-home product use study. The results speak for themselves.


For Fragrance Free wipes, Tenex performs
very well vs. current National Private Brand.


*Tenex received stronger ratings on all key measures including purchase interest and a 5-star rating.

5 Star.png
Chart Legend.png


Softness, Appearance & Thickness.

For Sensitive wipes, Tenex continues to perform well vs. the Pampers benchmark for appearance, thickness and softness liking.

Tenex is more appealing for softness.


For Fragrance Free wipes, Tenex Test performs well vs. current National Private Brand.

Tenex showed advantages for thickness
and softness preference 

Chart Legend.png



For Sensitive wipes, Tenex is comparable to Pampers on all ‘key driver’ and ‘value add’ attributes.

Tenex performs on par with Pampers in all areas.

For Fragrance Free wipes, Tenex is superior vs current National Private Brand on all key driver and value add attributes.

Tenex has numerous advantages to current National Private Brand wipes on key drivers, including cleaning (effectively removing debris)and gentleness (soothing, non-irritating).


Tenex fragrance free also has advantages
to Tenex sensitive (and Pampers) on several of these same cleaning and gentleness attributes. 

Chart 3.png
Chart Legend.png


Package closure.

For Sensitive wipes, Tenex performs well vs. Pampers for ‘cost of entry’ attributes.

• not leaving residue or lint behind. 

• closure keeps wipes moist.

• wipes don’t rip when pulled from package.

• lid closes securely. 

Tenex has advantages to Pampers for not
leaving hands tacky and for one wipe
dispensing at a time.

For Fragrance Free wipes, Tenex continues to perform well vs. current National Private Brand.

• Tenex has advantages in all cost of entry areas vs. current National Private Brand.

Chart 4.png
Chart Legend.png

Even More Ways to Wipe Up the Competition...


•Make Up Removal wipes

•Eyelid wipes

•Freshening wipes



•Oven cleaning wipes

•Cast Iron wipes

•Appliance wipes

•Wood flooring wipes

•Countertop wipes

•Cabinet wipes

•Stainless steel wipes



•Moist toilet paper

      flushable wipes

•Bathroom/Toilet cleaning wipes (flushable)

•Floor wipes with fragrance



•Detergent wipes

•Softener Dryer wipes

•Instant stain remover wipes

•Color catcher wipes


•Leather wipes

•Upholstery wipes

•Wood wipes

•Polishing wipes

•Outdoor protecting wipes

•Glass wipes



•Dashboard wipes

•Antifog wipes

•Leather car wipes

•Antibacterial wipes

•Upholstery wipes

•Glass wipes

•Rims wipes


...and more!

•Screen cleaning wipes

•Office Equipment

      cleaning wipes



Adam Cheris

847.504.0400 x270

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